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Admission Rules for Transfer Applicants


Only general information about transfers is given on this page. More detailed and up to date information can be found at http://adaylar.boun.edu.tr/en-EN/Page/Transfers

You can view the detailed rules for transfer admissions in Transfer Rules & Regulations page.


  • When should I apply?

    • For Spring term: First half of January

    • For Fall term: Second half of July


  • Am I qualified for application?

    • GPA of at least 3.50/4.00 (or equivalent).

    • Points average of at least 3.60/4.00 for the transferred courses.

    • Proficiency in English. TOEFL (computer-based minimum 213, TWE: minimum 4.5 or paper-based minimum 550, TWE: minimum 4.5 or IBT Test: 79, TWE: 22) or IELTS of minimum 6.5 or Boğaziçi University English Proficiency Test (BUEPT) of minimum 60 is required.

    • At least 12 credits (excluding TK and HTR courses) should be transferred per term studied in other universities.

    • At least 6 credits  (excluding TK and HTR courses) should be transferred per term studied in other departments of Boğaziçi University.

    • Must have completed the courses suitable for transfer with at least CC letter grade or equivalent.


  • What are the required documents for application

    • Completed application form with photograph

    • The official transcript of undergraduate education, sent directly to the Registrar's Office by the university at which the applicant is studying

    • The photocopy of the high school diploma

    • An official document from the current university of study indicating the applicant's disciplinary record (only if you are applying from a Turkish University).

    • Evidence of the applicant's proficiency in English

    • The photocopy of the LYS score sheet

    • The receipt of application fee



  • How am I evaluated?

    • The initial evaluation will be based on the documents given by the candidates at the time of application. No addition or modification of the documents will be allowed.
    • The candidates should take a written exam given by the Department and those who qualify in the written exam will be called for an interview by the Board of Department. Applicants for the sophomore year are responsible for first year math and physics courses, applicants for the junior year are responsible for Electrical Circuits I and II (EE 201 and EE202), Introduction to Electronic Engineering (EE 212) and Digital System Design (EE 240).
    • Candidates will be evaluated by the Board of Department in accordance with Transfer Rules and Regulations of Boğaziçi University.
    • Admission is finalized by the approval of the Board of Faculty of Engineering upon the recommendation of the department and will be announced at the University web page (www.boun.edu.tr)
    • Once the applicants are qualified as a transfer student, they should submit the catalog data information for the courses they have taken during their undergraduate education.





  • Is there a quota on the number of students transferred?
    • Fall Term
      • 3 internal transfers for the sophomore year
      • Number of external transfers will be determined by YÖK
      • 1 internal transfer for the junior year
    • Spring Term
      • 2 internal transfers for the sophomore year





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