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Important !

  • You MUST be insured by Boğaziçi University for your training. Otherwise your training will NOT be valid. This is due to new state regulations. You should bring your the training declaration form  on the FIRST day of the final examination period before your training.
  • You must read the  FAQ about Training for detailed information about your training.
  • All stamps MUST be the company’s or institutions stamp.
  • You must write your GENERAL REPORT in electronic format and you must submit not only the printed version of your booklet but ALSO the electronic form (computer file) of your general report is in Microsoft Word Format BEFORE you submit your training documents. The general report file must be sent to the email address:  eetraining@boun.edu.tr

Each  Boğaziçi University EE student must complete a minimum of 60 working days of "In-Service" industry training, in order to obtain the EE degree.


Before Going to the training site

1. Please read all the documents about training, that is, the  FAQ about Training, and the In-Service Training By-Laws.

2. Fill in the training declaration form, have it signed by. Prof. Dr. Oğuzhan Çiçekoğlu by the starting date of the final exams.

3. Get the “Trainee Evaluation Form (Staj Sicil Belgesi)” from the office of the Dean of Engineering.

4. Download the training booklet and take it to the training site with you. The booklet must be from the website of the Dean of Engineering. NO other format is accepted.

5. Download the training completion form and take it to the training site with you.


During the work and before leaving the training site

1. The Diary part of the training booklet must be written daily at the training site while working and it must be concise (no more than three sentences allowed daily). Each page of the diary should contain an account of several working days.

2. The 1st page and the weekly program pages of the Training booklet, the “Trainee Evaluation Form (Staj Sicil Belgesi)” and the training completion form must be signed by your supervisor and stamped by your company.


When you come back to the university

1. Deliver the training booklet, the “Trainee Evaluation Form (Staj Sicil Belgesi)”  to Prof. Dr. Oğuzhan Çiçekoğlu and

2. The training completion form (staj tamamlama formu), which must then be submitted to the university's accounting office within the first month of the next semester.


FAQ about Training

In-Service Training By-Laws

Status of Trainees (Updated on Nov, 2010)


Türkiye de staj yapacakların sigorta işlemlerini başlatması için:    BU_Hesapişleri.doc dosyasını doldurması gerekmektedir. Bu_Hesapişleri_örnek.pdf örnek dosyadır.




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