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Mechatronics Laboratory


Mechatronics is the synergistic integration of mechanical engineering with electronics and intelligent computer control in the design and manufacture of products and processes. Bogazici University UNESCO Chair on Mechatronics focuses on developing new methodologies in the areas of intelligent systems and mechatronics. The research includes combination of both theoretical studies and their practical applications to robotics and nonlinear systems. Some practical applications of the Mechatronics Laboratory are robotic manipulators (2 DOF SCARA, 5DOF CRS/Quanser and Inverted Pendulum), electromechanical system (Antilock Braking System) and flexible manufacturing system (MPS 500).

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Research Fields

MPS 500: MPS® 500-FMS provides the perfect platform for analyzing, understanding and mastering the interaction of mechanics, pneumatics, electrical engineering, control technology and communication interfaces – all absolutely critical for proper and successful management of networked systems.


ABS (Anti-lock Braking System): Antilock Braking Systems (ABS) are designed to optimize braking effectiveness while maintaining car controllability. The performance of ABS can be demonstrated in our lab-set (see the schematic diagram and the photo) by simulation for various road condition and transition between such conditions (e.g., when emergency braking occurs and the road switches from dry to wet or vice versa).


Research On Robotic Manipulators: 2DOF SCARA type open architecture manipulator available in the laboratory is used for experimental studies. The work involves the implementation of intelligent control approaches developed by our research team and allows making improvements on the new algorithms for practical applications. Recently, with the addition of a 5DOF CRS/Quanser open architecture manipulator to the experimental setups available in the laboratory, it has become possible to extend the domains of research even further.


Autonomous Mobile Robot Project: The three drive modules of the Robotino® are integrated in a sturdy, laser-welded stainless steel chassis.


Laboratory experiment DR300 - Speed Control with Variable Load: The laboratory experimental setup "Speed Control with Variable Load" contains the technical realization of a non-linear single-input/single-output system with appropriate actuator, sensors, measurement outputs and the possibility to connect different controllers.



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