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BioAFM-Microsystems Laboratory
BioAFM/Microsystems Laboratory conducts atomic force microscopy (AFM) based single-molecule and single-cell research. Laboratory houses an advanced commercial AFM system capable of measuring forces at picoNewton levels and displacement at Angstrom level.
A major focus of the research is to develop better performing novel microsystems for biofluidic applications using micro- and nanotechnology. Currently the research efforts are funded by European Union 7th Framework Programme and Tubitak. The specific scientific aim is to probe protein-protein and single cell-protein interactions, to study allosteric mechanisms and microrheology.
In addition to biomolecular research the BioAFM/Microsystems Laboratory develops novel microsystem-based sensors and actuators for various applications. Current efforts are in large arrays for infrared and terahertz imaging.


Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Sevil Özer
  • Baykal Sarıoğlu 



  • Ida Sagehzadeh
  • Onur Ateş
  • Semih Sevim



  • Selin Tolunay





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