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Information statement about BUEE

The Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of Bogazici University (BUEE) is one of the best institutions in Turkey with the vision to provide its students with a world-class undergraduate education, to prepare them for successful professional careers in the international arena, and to form the top-rated research-oriented graduate school.

A department of excellence

BUEE is a department with exceptionally high-quality resources in that:  

• Best students: We attract the top 0.1% of the candidates from the ÖSS: the central university entrance exam system, in other words, our freshman classes are composed of the candidates raking in the first one thousand out of 2.000.000 participants;
• Highly reputed faculty: Our faculty is research oriented,  has a high publication record, and almost all have received their degrees  from internationally highly reputed universities
• World class  quality: The teaching and research activities in the department benefit from the commitment of the University administration to world-class education and research.

Our goals

Excellence in teaching and research: Be recognized as the best program in the education and research of electrical and electronics engineering
• Transfer the excellence and diversity of research and education to the community at large
Professionalism and leadership: Provide degrees and research milieu for professional advancement that produce graduates well-prepared to assume leadership positions in the profession
Multidisciplinarity: Advance the frontiers of the discipline, encourage multidisciplinary research and manage to fruition of the industry

Degrees offered:

Our department offers Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and  Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. BUEE currently has 25 faculty members, several teaching assistants and technical staff members serving

• B.Sc degree: 250 undergraduate students pursuing B.Sc. degree in one of the three options, namely,  Control and Robotics, Electronics and MEMS, Telecommunication and Signal Processing
 M.Sc degree: 90 graduate students  who complete their advanced  formation in one  of these options. About 60% of our undergraduates continue on their higher degree studies at BU or elsewhere.
• Ph.D degree:   While about 15% of our undergraduates pursue doctoral studies at BU or abroad, we receive Ph:D. candidates from peer universities in Turkey and her neighboring countries. Our Department has until now given 55 PhD. degrees, who are presently in various university positions in Turkey or abroad, or in actively involved in industrial research. 

International accreditation:

Our undergraduate education philosophy in this fast progressing field is organized to stress fundamentals of the profession, leaving the ever-changing details to the student as well as providing the student with a life-long learning perspective. The quality of our undergraduate education has been accredited by ABET: Accreditation Board of Education in Technology three times in succession.


• Faculty committed to research: Our faculty is committed to research as they are leading or participating in national and international projects and research networks, publishing and/or serving in the editorial boards of prestigious journals and holding advisor positions in scientific organizations. 
• Research labs: Graduate level theses and funded research are conducted in the 10 research labs, ranging from IC design to security, from signal and image processing to mechatronics, from intelligent systems to wireless communication.
• Scientific output:  The EE Department has one of the highest rates of scientific paper publishing and of receiving citations in the country among its peers.
• Professionalism: Our  Department frequently hosts and organizes major international conferences, workshops, and similarly its members are frequent participants in such activities abroad.  Our staff –members take responsibilities in national and  international evaluation bodies such as project panels, juries, editorial boards. 

We invite you to browse our web and learn about our high quality educational and research programs, outstanding faculty, students and staff. I hope you find the tour of our site on the Web informative and useful. 

With best wishes

Department Chair


Boğaziçi Üniversitesi - Elektrik ve Elektronik Mühendisliği Bölümü

34342 - Bebek / İSTANBUL

Tel: +90 212 359 64 14
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