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Telecommunications Curriculum

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Course Category Fall Semester Spring Semester
Compulsory Undergraduate Courses EE373 Signals and Systems EE374 Communications Engineering
EE473 Intro. to DSP  EE 472  Intro. Network Security and Cryptography
EE477 Intro. to Digital Communications    
EE479 Comm. Lab    
Compulsory Graduate Courses



Statistical Signal Analysis EE572 Mathematical Methods in Signal Processing
Compulsory Graduate Option Courses
(At least two courses)
EE544 Digital Wireless Communications EE570 Spectral Estimation
EE671 Information Theory EE574  Image Analysis
EE677 Detection and Estimation Theory EE578 

Speech Processing

Elective Courses
EE475 Intro. to Image Processing EE542  Comp. Comm. Netw. II
EE541 Computer Comm. Network I EE576* Machine Vision
EE545 Wireless Networks and Mobile Systems I  EE58A*  Bayesian Signal Processing
EE573 Pattern Recognition EE 58H Digital Video Processing
EE575* Multiresolution Analysis EE644* Error Control Coding
EE581* Network Security and Cryptography EE670* Adaptive Filter Theory
EE583* Subspace Methods in Signal Processing EE680* Machine Learning for Signal Processing
EE584 Psychoacoustics  EE 546  Wireless Networks and Mobile Systems II
EE683* Adv. Speech Processing    
* Alternate Years


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