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Title: Digital Television & Multimedia Engineering
Credits: 3

Avni Morgül, Professor, and Electrical Engineering

This course gives basics of digital television and multimedia to first year garduate students and selected seniors majoring in the electronics and/or communications.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this course, students will be able to understand:


  •   Fundamentals of picture transmission.
  • Color theory and encoding of  color information in different standards.
  • The operation principles of modern camera and display devices.
  • The digital picture compression fundamentals and standards.
  •  The digital sound compression fundamentals and standards.
  • The digital TV broadcasting fundamentals and standards.

    Digital Television, by Herve Benoit, Arnold – Wiley 1997
Dijital Televizyon Tekniği, by A.Morgül Anten Dünyası, 2002
Prerequisites by Topic:


  •  Basic Electronics
  •  Fundamentals of Communication Systems
  • Time and frequency domain analysis of electronic circuits.
  •   Signals and Systems.



  • Fundamentals of picture transmission.  Scanning, resolution & bandwidth (3 classes)
  • Color theory and encoding systems NTSC, PAL, SECAM (3 classes)
  • Capturing the Image. CCD and CMOS camera devices (4 classes)
  • Display devices. CCD, Plasma and other Displays (4 classes)
  • Anolog-to-Digital conversion of video signals (2-classes)
  • Image compression techniques, (6 classes)
  • Mid-term exam (2 classes)
  • Sound compression techniques, (2 classes)
  • Digital Modulation an Digital TV Broadcasting (6 classes)
  • Digital TV Receivers (2 classes)
  • Mid-term exams (2 classes)
  • 3D TV (2 classes)
  • Converging of Multimedia and TV systems. (2 classes)

Course Structure:
This course discribes the fundamentals of digital audio-video sistems such as digital TV, multimedia and transmission/reception of digital TV signals.  After a brief discussion of fundamentals of picture transmission and color theory, standards for analog-to-digital conversion of audio and video and data compression techniques and standards are explained in detail. Digital modulation techniques and broadcasting of digital TV is stadied. The camera and display devices are another chapter in this course. New technologies such as 3D picture generation, transmission and display are also studied.
There will be some homeworks and two midterm exam.

The grading =
50% Final + 40% Mid terms + 10% Homeworks (subject to minor changes)



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