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Control Curriculum

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 Course Category  Fall Semester  Spring Semester
 Compulsory Undergraduate  Courses EE450 Control Technology and Design EE352 Systems Dynamics and Control
EE453 Linear Systems Theory    
Compulsory Graduate  Courses        
Compulsory Option  Courses
(At least two courses from respective pools)
EE551* Robust Control EE550 Artificial Neural Networks
EE58F Sp.Top.: Decentralized Control &Decision Making EE552 Digital Control
EE 58K Sp. Top.:Control Eng. Appl. EE591 Sp. St. Nonlinear Control
EE652** Adaptive Control EE653 Optimal Control Theory
EE655 Stochastic Systems and Control EE689 Sp. Top.: Applied Adaptive Control
EE657 Robotics EE485 Introduction to Fuzzy Control
SCO591 Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos    
 Elective Courses
EE475 Int. to Image Processing EE542 Computer Comm. Networks II
EE541 Computer Comm. Networks  I EE588 Network Security
EE573 Pattern Recognition EE670 Adaptive Filter Theory
EE581 Advanced Network Security and Cryptography EE680 Machine Learning for Signal Processing
EE535 Introduction to MEMS EE628 Game Theory
 * not opened in the recent years
** opened in alternating years


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